Whiskeycats - In This Chair

Jennifer Roberts 05/12/2005

Rating: 4/5

Steaming hot cocoa, snug blankets in front of crackling logs on the fire. Wrap up warm, its going to be a cold one this year - that's if you believe the forecasts. If you need a bit of sunshine in the bleak December days, why not slip into something more comfortable. How about some Latin-inspired jazz mixed with reveries of lazy summers and home-made lemonade.

Title track 'In This Chair' opens with a gorgeous jazz concoction of shimmery cymbals, glistening horns and honeyed vocals. Matthew Whittaker scats with sugary decadence, rich in tone and talent. With an uptempo interlude, its infectious salsa beat is hard to deny.

'Boring Job' is not in the slightest bit tedious, ordinary or plain; unlike the average mundane 9-5. It's laid back honesty is a breath of fresh air and even the most dreary of topics is given a cheery, optimistic outlook. If the Monday-blues are calling, stick this on and it's sure to drown them out.

Dandelion seeds lift in the warm breeze that plays through your hair. Half naked people lounge in the parks and children frolic with ice-cream faces. Just a few images conjured up by this hat-trick of delights from Manchester-based Whiskycats. Easing into 'Acoustic Night', a beautiful, hazy jaunt on the open road, in the high summer of '77.

Skilled multi-instrumentalists, they make it seem so easy. Gorgeous sun drenched sounds to lift spirits even the coldest of hearts. If only Scrooge had had this playing, it would have been a different story entirely.