Peep Show Series 5 DVD

Alex Skinner 22/06/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Peep Show Magic = Tricks up the Sleeves

Where does one begin?... Ah, I know. Brilliant stuff! It is calculated brilliance in this rip roaring Peep Show equation. After putting two and two together Bain and Armstrong have come a long way in terms of finally being recognised as such talented comedy writers. This resonates through pushing boundaries and grips dark humour by the balls.

A perfect follow on from season four this latest contribution adds depth that keeps things fresh and squarely roots the characters stability in tune. To the nth degree there are more detailed references, phrases and sayings that shift this latest season up a gear allowing the show to remain on top form. When Mark (David Mitchell) explains that Jeremy's mum is “The kind of mum you find in John Lewis.” The general percentage of dialogue is charming and the remaining is either witty or just plain funny.

Straight from the get go of the first Episode 'Burgling' one of the thieves makes reference to his Clean shirt as in the first episode in the beginning of series one. We also see Mark trying to get back and find 'the one' only for Jeremy (Robert Webb) to dash his hopes and leave through the male gaze of “She's not his one, I'm his one.”

There are some great character appearances, which freshens this season up instead of being bogged down in the past relationship with Sophie (Olivia Coleman). Especially with the introduction of Dobby (Isy Suttie) to quell the Sophie love situation allowing Mark to release the guilty/ repressed beast inside.

Many a line will stay with you making you snigger and giggle when you are outside, in that real scary World. The genius of Peep is the trail and exploration of your thought patterns. Thoughts you shouldn't be thinking, but do. This sometimes balances on the tightrope of taste and divides the audience.

The ever-present cult character Super hands (Matt King) livens up snappy dialogue that multiplies the laughter such as a Super Hans phrase “Don't piss on my strawberries.”

The twenty first century boss/ mans man/ raconteur and guardian of the show 'The Johnson'(Paterson Joseph) puts in a fine Peep show shift with a great presence. Peep show wouldn't work as well if he was taken away.

Awkward situations ahoy!

We are taken on a journey of well written and believable scenarios which are in tact with the great work in previous seasons. This bodes well and I hold this season high amongst the others. The situations never get tedious or rounded off.

We see in 'Jeremy's broke' an influx of desperation. So much so that he resorts to viewing a young Queen Elizabeth the second on a 20 note in a fertility clinic. Only to have the stern Sir Edward William Elgar to spoil his flow. Another well angled situation comes when Mark gets raped by a butch female could be construed as fractionally distasteful. “It wasn't rape, just a minor sexual assault.”

Season five ticks all boxes and leaves you cowering for more action.

What? Super hands plus Jared in a cult? Joint fathers?

Dagnabbit, forced to wait for yet another instalment of this affective comedy formulae.

It is not an evil trick, Peep Show is quality cult viewing yet, simple like basic arithmetic.

You do the math (s).