Metro Station

Chloe Chaplin 22/03/2009

Perhaps symptomatic of the times, California based electro-emo-pop youngsters Metro Station formed when Trace Cyrus(yes Miley's brother) and Mason met in Hollywood on the set of Hannah Montana in early 2006 on what can only be deemed a “blind rock date” set up by their mothers. Trace and Mason, who relocated to L.A. from Nashville and Dallas respectively, were seeking like minded musicians to collaborate with. When they finally did meet, it was not an immediate
fit. “I had never seen anyone like Trace before,” Mason admits. “He had all these lip piercings and tattoos and went to rock clubs. I just sat in my room in a big hoodie writing songs on my guitar."

When their first single ”Seventeen Forever” shot up to the top of the MySpace unsigned charts, the band become an Arctic Monkeys style internet phenomenon, catching the
eye of several major labels: “We were on MySpace three months before we hit the charts”. says Trace. “And when that happened, we were like, oh my god, this could really happen for us. Before that it had all seemed unreal.”

“The fans did everything,” recalls Mason. “We never went out looking to play shows or gain publicity, but we did because of our amazing fan base in L.A. These kids would help us book shows and then make the flyers themselves for us to post up. It was
kind of insane, actually. It just steamrolled.”

Metro Station release 'Shake It' this Monday (23rd March). GIITTV's Chloe Chaplin caught up with the band's Trace(vocals, guitar) and Blake(keyboards,synth) for a very brief word or two backstage in Oxford.

Trace Cyrus How did the name Metro Station come about?

Trace: well, it was all down to Mason really,

How are you enjoying the uk so far and have you enjoyed it more than when you were support on the Panic at the Disco tour last


Trace: We love the UK, its been really fun. and I guess so, because we're seeing different places.

Whats it like being away from home so long? do you guys get along well being together for so long?

Trace: Yeah we do. We do miss home.

Blake: It's not so bad. we have our ups and downs but you know, whatever. its like we're on an adventure, really.

Have you managed to watch any British TV while youve been here?

Trace: No, I don't think we have, have we?

Blake: No, dont think so, we've been pretty busy...

What one song do you wish you'd written?

Trace: The Scientist by Coldplay

Blake: oh god, I don't know...

Whats your favourite song to play?

Trace: well we like playing 'Shake It' because alot of the fans know the words and can sing along.

Blake: Yeah...

Trace: But we always end on 'Control' because the fans literally lose control!

Best venue ever you have played?

Trace: oh god, I dont know. they all sort of just blur together in the end...

Your albums out this March, any plans for a headlining tour to support it?

Trace: No, we don't think so. we haven't really talked about it, so...

Favourite childhood memory?

Blake: Just hanging with friends in summer, I guess...

Trace: Yeah, going on tour with my dad in the summer. It was a really good experience.

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