Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler

TC 15/04/2009

Rating: 4/5

I get the feeling that Kasabian are one of those publicly acclaimed bands it will be modish to diss on GIITTV and so maybe that's why this is here! For me, they have released two very solid albums thus far and the debut stands as one of the decade's top releases. So the upcoming third set is something I am certainly looking forward to, in the hope it will be one to blow away the relative humdrum collection we've witnessed in the first quarter of 09 (most of which will be Autumn 'clear-out' candidates in the shops).

Vlad The Impaler doesn't veer too far from what the band have done before and I am grateful for that. It's dark, it's dizzy and it punches you around for a couple of minutes then leaves you feeling dazed and confused but ready for more! There's an amazing driving bass line that is pinballed around by the punchy drum beats, shoving the zig-zaggy guitar strokes to the rear. The lyrics have always disappointed though and this is as banal as ever, so the impact relies upon the overall sound that exudes.

If Club Foot didn't make you shudder when you first heard it, if Reason Is Treason didn't force you to yell “K-I-L-L” too early, if Shoot The Runner didn't have you thrusting your pelvis around … then you really shouldn't still be reading this! If, however, you subscribe to all the above then join me in the queue for the album.