The Brent Flood - The Brent Flood EP

Paul Cook 05/03/2007

Rating: 4/5

This whole progressive indie-rock movement has got some real momentum behind it now. The Brent Flood, the South London four-piece are a testament to the talent that seems to be frequently surfacing from a once-dingy area of British music. With clear influences from acts including The Smiths and Radiohead and post-punk forefathers Interpol and British Sea Power, The Brent Flood's music has something instantly likeable about it, with a tireless bass rhythm and riffs that thrive on the energy of the drums.

Lyrically, Jay Marsh hits the nail on the head. Melancholic and seamlessly complementing his sweeping lead guitar, they are the kind of off-beat, unheard lyrics that seem to tell no real story but still enrapture the audience. 'Digging Holes' and 'Beverly' are the most captivating with some great easy-listening vocals and playful guitar lines, sounding similarly harmonious to the Chili's early work.

A band that have the likeability and talent to go far, The Brent Flood have gathered a solid following in the British music scene with experimental, improvisational passages laying waste to conformities of structure and rigidity. Swaggering riffs, playful melodies and imaginative bass-lines make for an enjoyable and charismatic 5 track EP.