Detroit Social Club - Kiss The Sun EP

TC 14/03/2010

Rating: 4/5

Six-piece band from Geordie land who are kicking up a bit of a stir, including being tipped by the NME, whatever that may be worth these days! Having been around since 2007, their reputation is built upon their stage performances, having already supported such notables as Oasis and Primal Scream, whilst their recorded output has been meagre to say the least, with one single in 2008, another a year ago, and now this four track EP.

Based on the material here, it is easy to comprehend their live reputation, for they certainly give it large, with anthemic choruses, rising finales and a power house of an engine room. Opening with the title track, stampeding drums and swirling guitars give it a stadium sized wallop very reminiscent of The Alarm in full flow. The pace lets up on the rest of the EP though, although the sound remains full bodied, almost bluesy in places. Whilst they are predominantly a guitar band (five of the members play guitar), the keyboards have an omnipresence that helps compound the sound well. The closing synth jabs on 'Black & White' and the intense churning organ at the end of 'Never Too Late ToTry' polish both songs off with powerful style. The percussion also has a prominence, from the punctuated beats on 'Never Too Late ToTry' to the marching intro on final track 'Thousand Kings'- which has more purpose to it and illustrates a further leaning towards The Alarm plus a few hints of Echo & The Bunnymen.

A highly commendable effort then, creating anticipation for the album, although at their historical rate, that could be some way off. Meanwhile, you can catch them live on the New To Q Tour in May.

Release Date: Out Now