Fields - Everything Last Winter

Charlie Southwell 08/06/2007

Rating: 4/5

Wow. Ok. This has sat in my CD player since before the release date. And it has stayed there. Fields are an evocative if not a hypnotic, little musical creation. With high profile support slots after their EP release last July, their fan base has been growing, sharing the stage with the likes of Editors, Snow Patrol and Bloc Party. Tipped hotly then, their singles 'If You Fail, We Fail' and 'Songs For The Field' both secured “Single of the weeks” from NME. Normally I'd be a little wary. But there they have hit the nail on the head. Hard.

They live up to the hype. This album has engaging lyrics, drawing you into the music, like a sailor to a siren's song. Plucked strings blur soothingly with the beautifully crafted male and female vocal arrangements. Each song seemingly starts you off on a serene trip, ending up furiously searching for their best yet psychedelic tinged guitar riff before culminating in a huge summer sigh. Those that don't end up getting more frenzied, leaves you wondering why.

The album opener, and previous single 'Song for the Fields' is a perfect execution of this structure. It starts out as a melodic folk tune before roaring into a searing yet magnificently energetic song. Powerful drums blast this song from its folky roots straight into a synth drenched chorus, with the three vocalists repeating the lines 'Your not the only one' which just builds with intensity until the instruments collapse into the next track.

The one track that demurs from this album receiving a perfect mark, was the third track 'You Don't Need This Song' and as cheesy as it will sound, I just didn't. It sounds contrived and is pure filler. It's the only song that lacks the passion to prove themselves as a real threat to the Snow Patrols, Coldplays and Embraces of the world. They all need to watch their backs; laid back indie isn't standing still anymore.

The deep and snarled lyrics in 'The Death' bring this band out of the one trick bag a lot of softer indie get stuck in. Lyrics are painted like a masterpiece, and guitar lines dance merrily about the engrossing instrumental wanderings.

A really great album tha, given the time, will grow and blossom. Go and buy it now and keep it in your CD player. Or you will regret having missed it.