Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That

Emily Tartanella 31/10/2005

Rating: 3/5

Through both the Neptunes and N.E.R.D., Pharrell Williams essentially shaped pop music at the start of the millennium. Through both artistic work and his production talents, he won a name as one of the most innovative, interesting, and exciting names in music.

That's why “Can I Have It Like That” is precisely so unsurprising. The beat is ace, industrial and edgy in all the right places; and Pharrell rhymes with the confidence and insatiable joy for rhythm of a seasoned-pro. Stefani's vocals add little to the mix other than star credit and “sexy” female vocals. Of course, any song which name checks Nelly Furtado, Transformers, and Jimmy Choos has a certain charm to it, one that helps “Can I Have it Like That” stay alive despite its repetitive structure. It's also too long at nearly 4 minutes, but ultimately proves a sizzling track that just needs some editing.

“Can I Have it Like That” also features the clean, edited, instrumental, and a cappella versions of the title track, which begs an important question. Who was really demanding to hear a Pharrell song without any vocals?