Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP

Oli Shilling 16/01/2010

Rating: 4/5

So summery is this short collection of tracks, that had it have been released earlier this year we may be hailing Spanish band Delorean as the new MGMT, rather than 2009's success story Passion Pit. They mix the indie electro style sounds of the aforementioned bands with more club friendly piano loops and such, completing some euphoric anthems.

Since knowing that Delorean hail from Barcelona, tracks 'Big Dipper' and 'Moonson' never fail to remind me of my time in the city, with their loops an instant reminder of the laid back party lifestyle my favourite city's culture envelops. It's an upbeat selection that carries the pop sensibility that will hold the attention of Phoenix fans, whilst the beats and electro edge that could also attract followers of bands akin to Cut Copy.

'Deli' certainly stands out as the most pop-savvy with its 'ooohs' wailing behind some funky guitar, whilst 'Seasun' gives a seemingly more calculated build, and after two and a half minutes, a series of handclaps finally give way to vocals and a relentless beat that makes for the best all round track on the EP, sounding like M83, on pills, in the sunshine. It's EP's like this that can be as irritating as they are enjoyable, longing for more equally exciting tracks. But for now it's what we'll have to make do with, and I can settle for that.

All in all a positively uplifting EP, that seems to suggest an exciting new year for this exciting set of Spaniards.