Pulled Apart by Horses - Meat Balloon

Chris Lowe 16/09/2008

Rating: 4/5

PABH began life only seven months ago and in the space between now and hen this 4-piece skull fucker of a rock band have gained more attention and praise than any new UK act I've come across all year. The cast iron PABH mould of hard animated live performances would always bring about problems for them when it came to recordings and production values but alas we have a more than worthy piece of horse pie on the table here.

'Meat Balloon' is a super riff infused wonderment of which would struggle to be bettered by any other hard rock outfit trying to do something new of recent times. The use of words such as 'Bodacious' and 'Radical' in the choruses make you realise that only few bands could get away with such sheer madness. The song includes a middle section where a disco chugging bass line pounds along with lead vocalist 'Tom Hudson' and a choir of male voices chanting 'We are, so macho!, we are so macho!'. This was the very point where I instantly began to smile and began leaping around on my chair. The disco bass builds up with some slide guitars and we are literally left smashed in the face with one of the biggest AC/DC'esque outro riffs ever, which steadily builds in volume to bring the meat balloon careering off into the sky. A truly awesome debut single effort from team horses here. B-side 'The Lighthouse' is a hooky octave chopper with some RATM like vocals and guitar bashing and a bonus track 'Super Hang-On' is tasty two minute Led Zeppelin alike treat of a tune. With an array of festival performances, youtube videos, fantastic artwork, steadily growing fans and a k'jillion myspace plays since day one, 2009 should certainly be the year of the horse.