The Honey Den - Out Beyond That Way

Owain Paciuszko 22/09/2009

Rating: 4/5

Laidback easy-listening pop music from London based quintet. Opening track Rain has a soulful sound that's kind of reminiscent of Gabrielle in a jazzy mood, the piano work on this track is particularly good and the talent across all the musicians involved - and lead singer Sonia's warm vocals - manage to elevate them above the general cluster of bland, inoffensive pop groups.

Learning For Myself has nice alt-country drumming and a generally uplifting vibe; while it may sound a bit like the soundtrack to a motivational montage in a Richard Curtis movie there's a current of sincerity and energy to the musicianship that keeps this afloat when it might sink into the saccharine. Closing track Beyond That Way has a flavour similar to Charango-era Morcheeba with its breezy, live sound and elegant vocals (including some scatting!).

To some extent it might be very easy to dislike The Honey Den, or, more accurately, dismiss them as vanilla pop craftsfolk; but as far as modern soulful, jazzy, bright music goes this is pretty top drawer.