England My England - Dead Poets Society

Kev Eddy 28/06/2006

Rating: 0/5

Release: hopefully never

Oh good God.
It's a football song.
With no discernable singalonga section.
It sounds a bit like 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday'.
The band's name is incorrectly punctuated.
It appears to have an organist.
And a choir.
The singer's in tune.
But it's a football song.
Mike Read (yes, that Mike Read) is involved in some capacity.
It's actually worse than XFM's attempt at a football anthem.
It's about three and a half minutes too long. (running length: 3m52s).
It has the limpest, most ineffectual 'big finish' I've ever heard.
It's in the bin now.