The Bishops - If You Leave Today

Ross Cunningham 19/02/2009

Rating: 3/5

No The Bishops aren't some bunch of rampaging clergymen with guitars and a slightly sinister look in their eyes. They are actually London-based twins Mike and Pete Bishop who along with drummer Chris McConville created a tight trio way back in the far-gone year of 2004. Their debut album garnered them many comparisons to classic bands such as The Beatles and The Kinks, however it seems that Mike now wants' to distance the group from their 60's sounding roots. Talking in a recent interview about the bands new album he outlined this by stating "I really don't feel that we are purely a retro band and we wanted to prove it".

"If You Leave Today" definitely sounds like it's been buffed up with Mr Sheen, all polished and sparkly it chimes with a crisp self assurance. The strength of the brother's harmonies instantly hit you as the song bursts into life with its driving baseline and jerky guitar. Described in the press release as an "infectiously breezy romp" it's hard to disagree, at just over two minutes in length it certainly is breezy and it does get your toes tapping. It is however one of those two minute songs that you can't help but feel might have blossomed into something more substantial given another 60 seconds.

If the boys truly are looking to get away from being tagged as a retro band then "If You Leave Today" isn't going to get the job done (maybe new album “For Now” will hold the key). But what's really wrong with being classed as a "Retro band" anyway? They've probably at the very least jumped forward a decade or two with a song that could quite easily belong to The Jam. Don't get me wrong it's a catchy little number but nothing out of this world.