Glass Shark - First Bite

Charlie Southwell 04/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

A culmination of sonic waves resounding from the southern peninsula of Britain, Cornish electro outfit Glass Shark are set to take the world by storm. Infectious like the plague, but much more pleasant, their tunes are out-and-out fun. Raw pleasure in Cornwall has never been so much fun, not even that summer in Newquay surfing compares. This EP includes their most up-to-date releases in a hard format, including exclusive remixes, but don't take into account a much larger live set that is engrossing and just as catchy.

The EP is loaded with songs that could all be great singles. “I Love My Disco Robot” is a foot-stomping clap-pad-infested three and a half minute perfect pop release. “Toni Collette” sees vocoder vox versus high pitched, almost falsetto vocals on a track about booze, sex and really just the rock-and-roll lifestyle. “You Got Served Again” got into my head, and it won't get out. “Clap Your Hands” is the rare ballad-esque moment on this EP.

If you're new to this Cornish sensation, your first port of call should be “Take It Off”. It is an incredible song, pure fun, nothing serious about it, despite the band's die hard mentality towards their output. Incredibly catchy chorus “Do It, Do It, Just Dance, Don't Don't Dance” just puts you in the mood to get up wherever you are jump about pogo-ing and hitting that air cowbell. The remixes are great as well, but the original tracks are already so catchy they didn't need the extra production.

Not a band to be missed live, although if you live outside of the South-West for now you are missing out on something spectacular. Gigging further afield should be on their cards very very soon - if they want to get on the band wagon before it rolls off around the hill to a new genre.