Graham Coxon - You & I

Emily Tartanella 08/05/2006

Rating: 4/5

And so the rift continues; the boys and girls hoping for a Blur reunion seem to be baffled at every turn - first Damon goes Gorilla, then Graham goes punk. Well, frankly, we couldn't ask for a better soundtrack to the breakup, and “You & I” continues Coxon's solid streak as the tunesmith of the post-Blur era. He's the divorced dad who tries buying you off with funny songs and the occasional promise of a pony. Well Graham, we forgive you for leaving, because this song knows the precise pleasure of a catchy tune. It's true that, despite featuring some nice guitar work and a solid rhythm, this has neither the experimentation of his earlier works or the bluster of “Freakin' Out,” but Damon's the one into the 'world music,' innit he? Meanwhile Graham delivers the songs, and continues to do so exquisitely. Stay single, Graham dear, you're stellar on your own.