GodisintheTV 20/07/2010

Wap Wap Wow - Tadpole/Green Futures, Glastonbury, June 23rd 2010

In the second of three articles on this month's Introducing The Band Winners Wap Wap Wow, Rhian Daly turned up good and early to catch their Wednesday performance at Glastonbury...

Tucked between the balloon-sucking hubbub of the Stone Circle and the sprawling mass of tents and bodies littering the more central parts of Worthy Farm lies the relative calm of the Green Fields, upholding the legendary hippie side of Glastonbury. It's here where the Tadpole stage, modestly sized but cosily decorated, plays host to some early entertainment before the gruelling, sun soaked onslaught of the main event begins.

The stage itself is fairly anonymous, with only sandwich boards outside bearing the name of Tadpole so by the time GIITTV realise the tent we've walked past three times already is the one we're looking for, Wap Wap Wow's allotted wooing time is already under way.

And woo they do, their hypnotic experimental orchestral-pop brimming with abounding off-kilter charm. 'To Myself At Fifteen' is the sort of song you find yourself humming three days later, stealthily working its way into your brain with its slightly menacing undertones and unabashed yelps. 'Arms' is an emotional minefield sung beautifully by cello-wielding main lady Rose Dagul while 'The Round' does exactly what it says on the tin, building layer upon layer of sound to create something utterly bewitching.

Of course, with as many members as Wap Wap Wow have it would be easy for the whole thing to get lost on stage; a musical demonstration of too many cooks spoiling the broth. That's not the case here though, as each individual's contribution is sewn together to form one big multiple-limbed opus that has the reclining spectators at the Tadpole stage literally begging for more. Yep, when the time comes for WWW to clamber down from the stage, those who've been attentively enjoying their performance refuse to stop clapping and whistling until they come back for another go. What a way to start a festival.

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