Mark Ronson - Stop Me

Bill Cummings 23/03/2007

The rather outspoken Mr Mark Ronson's releases his reimagining of the Smiths classic 'Stop Me' (featuring Daniel Merriweather on vocals) as a digital download on the April 2nd and April 9th in shops on all other formats. Watch the video below:



Released April 16th on Sony Columbia

Internationally renowned as one of the worlds finest DJs, uber-producer du jour, band leader and label boss, Mark Ronson makes a return on April 16th with his full length album - 'Version'.

You can have a look at the track listing for the album for the very first time right here; which features Ronson versions of classic tracks by the likes of The Smiths, Radiohead, the Jam, Kaiser Chiefs and many more as you will see below:

1. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face feat. The Daptone Horns


2. Oh My God feat. Lily Allen

(Kaiser Chiefs)

3. Stop Me feat. Daniel Merriweather

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before/You Keep Me Hangin' On

(The Smiths/The Supremes)

4. Toxic (Version Revisited) feat. Tiggers

(Britney Spears)

5. Valerie (Version Revisted) feat. Amy Winehouse

(The Zutons)

6. Apply Some Pressure feat. Paul Smith

(Maximo Park)

7. Inversion

(Mark Ronson)

8. Pretty Green feat. Santo Gold

(The Jam)

9. Just feat. Phantom Planet


10. Amy feat. Kenna

(Ryan Adams)

11. The Only One I Know feat. Robbie Williams

(The Charlatans)

12. Diversion

(Mark Ronson)

13. L.S.F. (Version Revisited) feat. Kasabian


14. Outversion

(Mark Ronson)

The album 'Version' is released on April 16th.

Meanwhile Mr Ronson has been having his say on both Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams. He thinks she can become a star in the US. The producer worked with Winehouse on her recent album 'Back To Black', of course, and now he's been speaking to Gigwise about the singer, who has recently been promoting the long player in the US and appearing on high profile chat shows.

Ronson says: "I think the thing is traditionally, 'black music' like hip hopand soul music, it's always been hard because that stuff comes from America even though there's a lot of talented English artists that do it, so, they're always a bit sceptical. But the Amy stuff is just so good and
just so refreshingly honest and raw and pure and obviously she's wrote some great songs and she's interesting to read about because she says honest things. Amy's contemporaries, going with the people who are popular, you're looking at like Britney and all these people... they're not bad people, but it's just cookie cutter."

He continued: "I feel like they're saying what they actually feel, no one's making music that's really going to be around to listen to and enjoy in ten years. You come to Amy, it just feels incredibly real. I think that's why the Americans are blown away by her right now".

He's also been commenting on Robbie Williams' not as successful as hoped recent LP 'Rudebox', for which Ronson produced three tracks.

Ronson told Gigwise: "The funny thing is that it got amazing reviews in magazines that had never ever taken him seriously up 'til then that applauded him for taking a chance. I think people might have felt that maybe it didn't' feel like Robbie's true voice. I think the people who really loved Robbie wanted to hear what he's singing, but I don't know. Maybe he'd been riding too high and people were ready to knock him down."

He continued: "'Lovelight', one of the records that I did, I know people who don't even know who Robbie Williams is, they hear that when it comes on in the club when I play it and they're like 'what the hell is that, that's amazing'. I do think that's a great song. Mos Def actually came up to me at one of Amy's first gigs in Joe's Pub in New York. He came up to me and was like, "did you do that Robbie Williams song 'Lovelight'? It's incredible I want to rap over that". Maybe not all the songs were terribly good, but I'm definitely into the stuff we did."

Mark Ronson: does he have a point, or should someone Stop Stop Stop him?