Wedding Daze

Bruce Turnbull 04/06/2007

Rating: 3/5

With summer fast approaching and the box office clocking their prices up for this year's blockbuster overload, there are bound to be some quality movies unfortunately trampled in the great customer stampede. Hopefully, one of them will not be Hollywood's latest romantic comedy Wedding Daze, which, at quite a departure from the formula, focuses on the latter, rather than the former.

Now grown up and almost free of his American Pie stereotype, Jason Biggs stars alongside ex-Home and Away beauty Isla Fisher in a tale weaved by the insanity of impulse and spontaneity. Biggs, of Loser and the aforementioned American Pie fame leads the story as hopeless romantic Anderson, who after unintentionally killing his fiancé, is coerced by his best friend to propose to a total stranger; a waitress named Katie, played by Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher. Totally riddled with despair, his life is thrown upside down when, to his surprise, she says yes.

As the movie unfolds it is apparent how much director/screenwriter Michael Ian Black has concentrated on physical character traits. The laughs are mainly delivered in physical humour, which Biggs fortunately has the perfect acting ability to make this credible. Fisher is extremely easy on the eye, so much so even the ladies will find something to ogle at. As previously mentioned the biggest laughs come in the rather sick, unfortunate incidents our characters encounter - I'll not go into too much detail - but there are actually some rather sharp one liners that made my belly rumble, including Katie's eccentric stepfather, and his amateur inventions for those of the Jewish faith; particularly the 'Jew-la-hoop'. Marvellous!

Whilst providing us with a plethora of material to sink our teeth into, we have a running theme of family suffocation, spearheaded by the two sets of rather dysfunctional parents; something I'm sure most people can identify with. While its not the best film of its type that I have ever seen, it does stand closer to Fisher's previous movie of a similar name; handling its format in a rather adult way - even though the acting is pretty silly for the duration. Maybe not one to choose over Fantastic Four 2 or Transformers, but one that will go down well with the misses at least. Payback for the amount of times you took her to see X-Men 3 last year, eh?