Kill The Young - We Are The Birds, We Are The Bees We Are The Telephone Trees

Daniel Smith 23/07/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

The thinking behind the title of Kill The Young's latest single, 'We Are The Birds, We Are The Bees We Are The Telephone Trees' may be forever a mystery. Indeed, it gives nothing away save for the slight whiff of pretension. So, what I actually got - an accessible and catchy little number destined for NME club nights - was not at all what I expected.

The sound of frontman Tom Gorman's Strokes-esque delivery, harmonising with a tonally identical ascending/descending guitar riff, initially sits awkwardly with the bog-standard rock chorus. But give the single a chance and you'll quickly grow to love it. 'We Are The Birds...' is an exquisite, energetic rock party tune that will sit comfortably in a playlist alongside the likes of last year's 'I Like The Way You Move' by Bodyrockers.

Despite going down the traditional cop-out route of only offering a couple of remixes as B-sides, Kill The Young manage to defy expectations again with the 'South Central Extended Re-Edit', which is very successful in removing the rock from the 'dance rock' equation of the original version. The other remix (Sex Schon Remix), is pretty standard (in a nostalgic 80's synth-out way) and therefore, forgettable.

'We Are The Birds...', is an impressive effort that hints at bigger things to come for the Manchester quartet. Kill The Young will need to maintain this kind of quality, however, should they wish to find success in such a saturated corner of the market.