Future Of The Left - Curses

Will Metcalfe 17/10/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Future of the Left are two parts Mclusky, one part Jarcrew; arguably two of Wales most acclaimed proto punk bands of the last decade. Taking the sum of both bands you might expect Future of the Left to sound like a dull rehashing of former glories; the good news is that they don't. The great news is they are so frenetic that they will split your head in two and then set about skull fucking you until you admit they are the greatest
band (of the year).

Veering from the abstract 'The Lord Hates a Coward' to the shockingly subdued 'The Contrarian', 'Curses', is everything you could expect and more. Abrasive, opaque and really, really satisfying. The riffs are plentiful, the lyrics impenetrable and the delivery? Fucking brilliant. The strongest tracks here are those where the lyrics weave a tale of nonsense whilst the accompanying cacophony has the effect of a drunken punch to a hobo's stomach, brutal and almost uncalled for. 'My Gymnastic Past' informs us 'Better bovine that equine' before launching into a killer chorus of 'Wave wave wave I don't wanna wave wave' Hmm, maybe you just have to hear it. Recent single 'Small Bones, Small Bodies' wrangles like a diseased Fugazi under attack from the rehabilitated Black Francis, terrific.

Whilst this is perhaps familiar territory to fans of both Mclusky and Jarcrew this is no bad thing, familiar yes, the same? No way. For a start there is the jarred keys in there, not to mention the energetic feel to the record, as if they have waved good bye to an old flame for the final time. I will stop the gushing, judge for yourselves. But be warned, this record will bite hard. If it don't get you, the fan boys will.