The Winston Giles Orchestra - Welcome To The Hotel

Matt Churchill 15/10/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

A hippie of the electronic genre, the Winston Giles Orchestra release 'Welcome To The Hotel' lifted from sophomore album 'A Magnificent Beautiful Day'. TWGO is in fact the brain child of Winston Giles who assembled a group of musicians to help bring his creations to life.

Imagine the Flaming Lips becoming even more laid back and entrancing - 'Welcome To The Hotel' is a decadent 'peace/love/harmony maaan' chill out tune that is hypnotic and seeks to reach into the very depths of your soul. Long electronic beeps feel warm and fuzzy against a myriad of programmed keyboards that are lushly recorded and fade in and out from left to right.

Far from his days as the singer in a punk band, Winston Giles has created a wonderfully sonic soundscape that encaptures a feeling of blue skies on orange autumnal trees that is enough to enlighten even the most down hearted of spirits.