The Skies - Bring It On

Matt Churchill 22/07/2007

Rating: 2/5

A distinctly Australian sounding quartet from Reading, The Skies tread in the well worn path forged by Jet, The Checks and the mighty Rolling Stones, playing their instruments hard but not too fast and with the arrogance of the three aforementioned rockers multiplied tenfold.

This, combined with a feverishly Nic Cester-ish vocals leads to the conclusion that The Skies are nothing but a Jet clone; however the musicianship is in no doubt and the song overall works well and could sell to that particular audience.

As it is, they are adding nothing new to a brand of music that has been saturated for thirty odd years and if The Skies are to progress, they could do with carving their own niche out of the rock 'n' roll genre to make them stand out from the huge crowd in which they stand.