Clinic - Harvest (Within You)

Bill Cummings 10/09/2006

"Harvest (Within You)" is the first single to be taken off the new Clinic album "Visitations" and its released on the 2nd of October. It strikes you "immediately with its pulsating energy and distinctive haunting rhythm."
Watch the video here:
Clinic-Harvest (Within You)- Video

Quirky Liverpool quintet Clinic are one of those bands that constantly suprise, this time is no different as they're branding new Lp "Visitations" their "party album."
Mixed by Gareth Jones, who worked on their critically acclaimed debut album Internal Wrangler, each track has a rare intensity to it. Singer Ade describes it as a definite progression for the band. “We went for something direct and primitive - surreal ballads next to subhuman riffs... I think it's the most consistent thing we've done.”