The New Loud - Can't Stop Not Knowing

Oli Shilling 11/02/2010

Rating: 3/5

Can't Stop Not Knowing is the debut EP from Milwaukee three piece The New Loud- and a frenetic and sometimes intense one at that. Interestingly, the band were recently stopped mid set in New York for literally being too loud, and while their many layers can seem a lot to take in at first, a few listens through reveals quite a progressive electro punk record. It opens with single 'Don't Dance', which enters with a wall of noise, and continues in an upbeat fashion with strong vocals. The song feels a bit all over the place, but I couldn't help tapping my foot.

Mark Trombino produced the EP and will do so on their future debut album, set for release at some point in this half of 2010. Trombino has worked with Jimmy Eat World and Finch in the past, and that punk rock influence certainly gives this EP a kick. That kick makes for an interesting cover of Radiohead's '2+2 =5', where their shouting and relentless beats remove all of the original's delicacy, but makes the song distinctively theirs. Overall the EP stands out as an electro punk record that could well lead to some level of popularity, but feels far too complex to pull off the minimal electro sound that is so well regarded right now.