Ewan Pearson - Don't Stars Keep Us Tangled Up: Ewan Pearson Remixes

Bruce Turnbull 21/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

With the corporation slogan for a label named Ever Records being 'Music forever, take your time', you pretty much know what to expect when it comes to superlative remix EPs like this one. The renowned and multi-talented Ewan Pearson (Maas, World of Apples) has gotten his portentously busy hands on Cortney Tidwell's latest title track and stretched it even further over a musical ellipse of multi-tonal textures, spreading ambiance from frame to frame.

Rather oddly, this enhances the track far beyond the original, and in fact, lightens the atmosphere profusely. Liberating practically all of the dark matter encased within the confines of those initial seven minutes. Naturally, along with the remix, an instrumental and the radio edit, the original is displayed intact for comparison. One thing is for sure, you'd be hard pressed to find it played on a Friday night out in Newcastle.

Cultural aficionados should recognise his name from the producing credits of The Rapture and Tracey Thorn, and fans of the 12” will no doubt harbour some sort of veneration for his work with the Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp and Franz Ferdinand to name but a few. So with a strong ear for musically dense atmospherics and uncharted space within parameters, Pearson has lifted Tidwell's bleak vocal melancholy above the veiling mist and swung it full pelt towards those very stars she was afraid of invading in the first place.

Released: 19/03/2007