Liam Finn - Second Chance

Neil Watts 04/07/2008

Rating: 2/5

Due to the never-ending tide of singer-songwriters it's probably about time the factory (it has be a factory because why else would there be so many identikit balladeers year on year?) churning them out employed someone to act as quality control. Liam Finn isn't guilty of any heinous crime other than being the latest product to leave the conveyor belt with this, his debut single, in tow.

There's nothing in these four minutes to suggest that he offers anything drastically different or better than what's already avaliable. Second Chance is inoffensive in the extreme, but it's bland because of it. His gently rasping, restrained falsetto gives the impression of a lo-fi Spinto Band playing backwards very slowly. Finn certainly isn't the worst offender out there, but on the evidence of this he lacks the originality and immediacy to demand people's attention.

Release date: 30/06/08