Comet Gain, Zoey Van Goey, The Lodger, The Wedding Present, The Manhattan Love Suicides - Inditracks Festival (Preview)

Dan Round 28/04/2008

Indietracks is very much a one-off. Set in a 1950s steam railway in Ripley, Derbyshire, the festival (which is an absolute bargain at Ł45 for the weekend and a meagre additional Ł15 for camping) proved to be a steaming success over three events last year, and so is back for its second year. It's grown too. While last year the festival boasted such acts as The Orchids, Cats on Fire, The Indelicates and Das Wanderlust, this years event has attracted the likes of 80s Indie legends The Wedding Present as well as a host of other similarly indie bands in even greater numbers. Over the 26th and 27th of July, then, a hell of a lot of twee-minded music fans will gather in to combine steam trains with indie noise in the quaint countryside settings. But why go? If trains ain't your thing however (bloody loud things!) or you prefer the bigger festivals, these four key bands may persuade you to think again…

Comet Gain

Comet Gain are one of the more established acts playing at Indietracks, with five albums and sixteen years of experience under their belt. Cited by NME darlings The Cribs as a big influence, Comet Gain have a massive cult following and with raucous live performances they'll be sure to be a hit with the Indietracks faithful. Expect such belters as “Fists in the Pocket” and “Why I Try to look so Bad” in a set with no room for any filler.

Zoey Van Goey

One of the newer bands featuring on the line up is Zoey Van Goey. Formed in Glasgow 18 months ago by an English woman, an Irishman and a Canadian chap, the band has been quick to gain attention. Daring to mix electronic experimentation (“Song to the Embers”) and perfect twee pop (the folksy “Foxtrot Vandals” was an XFM single of the week in late 2007), ZVG set themselves apart from their peers with an incredible versatility. With an album surely not too far away in the future, ZVG are very much on the rise and will certainly be a star attraction at the festival.

The Lodger

Another relatively new act on the bill is the Yorkshire quartet The Lodger. Having released debut LP “Grown-Ups” last summer, the band have been quick to follow it in prolific style with “Life is Sweet” which is released in May. Driven by the terrific new single “The Good Old Days”, the album is a solid follow up to their energetic debut which featured spikey tunes such as “Many Thanks for your Honest Opinion” and “Lets make a Pact”. The Lodger have a knack for melody and making you feel all warm and happy inside, and they're going to be huge soon - not to be missed!

The Wedding Present

Without doubt the top attraction of Indietracks this year, The Wedding Present truly have their place cemented in the history of indie guitar music. Their 1987 debut “George Best” and 1991's “Seamonsters” are held in the highest regard as classics by many, while John Peel championed their gritty rock and observational wit to the point of exhaustion. This summer, David Gedge and his troupe of reformed “Weddos” are due to release their 8th studio album, “El Rey”, coinciding with the tour that brings them to Indietracks.

“The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock 'n' Roll Era. You may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong!” - John Peel.

So why not give Indietracks a try? With the above bands as well as other goodies such as KateGoes and The Manhattan Love Suicides playing, plus a whole host of DJs and other attractions, Indietracks is without doubt the dark horse of festivals this year.

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