That Fucking Tank - Tanknology

Craig Broad 20/07/2009

Rating: 4.5/5

That Fucking Tank are a two piece experimental band who, (if you are like me) will be completely new and alien to you, surprising considering that Tanknology is in fact their second album.

Tanknology starts in an obscure fashion with an intro sample akin to old-school hip-hop and doesn't give you a clue to what That Fucking Tank are about. It isn't long however until we hear what That Fucking Tank are truly made of when Keanu Reef starts, full of chugging bass and abstract edgy guitar that feels like it has been taken straight from the latest Battles record.

For fans of bands like Battles (and most other bands on Hydra Head Records), you'll have heard this before, twenty seconds into Keanu Reef you will be getting ready to hit the stop button and who can blame you, after all, you've already shelled out for Battles latest album and their back catalogue, why would you need anymore post-whatever it is this week music?

The simple fact is, unlike Battles, it is the quiet, slower and lower guitar toned moments that make That Fucking Tank stand out as opposed to their frantic sections. In these moments that you accept that yes, That Fucking Tank may sound very much like Battles in places but they are offering something different with songs and ideas just as mind boggling and creative.

Like experimental music? Then you won't go far wrong with That Fucking Tanks Tanknology, I promise you.

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