Broken Family Band - Love Your Man, Love Your Woman

Clark Summers 29/06/2007

Rating: 4/5

A gritty slice of driving alt-country punk that manages to achieve front-man Steve Adams' aim to combine “pop brutality” with “gentle rock 'n' roll” (well lyrically at any rate) “Love Your Man, Love Your Woman” urges the listener to appreciate the good things in life while rocking out hard. On the quite bonkers flip-side - a Rogue Element remix of the title track - TBFB show that behind every great band there's a bosh monster aching to be let loose on the dance-floor. Quite what the band were thinking in allowing a break-beat producer free reign on this single is anyone's guess but the results are - to use the young people's lexicon - “banging”. Oh Track and Field how I love thee and your continuing mission to bring us the finest in alt-pop. It's a shame I don't receive singles like this every day of the week, lord knows it would rouse me out of my current unofficial role as “GIITTV curmudgeon”. Bring on the forthcoming release of the band's new album “Hello Love”!
UK release date: 11 June 2007