Carla Bruni - Comme Si De Rien N'Etait

Kate Goranka Whittaker 27/07/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Former supermodel and delectable first lady of France, Ms Carla Bruni delivers an album worthy of any middle class dinner party soundtrack - which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your mood, or whether you have dinner parties.

Perfectly reflective of a foggy three-glasses-of-wine afternoon spent basking in the hazy sunshine and contemplating the crickets (or indeed cricket). Ms Bruni's vocals are soft and languid, well suited to the French language in which they are delivered - all bar one Dylan cover, "You Belong To Me" - a great song in any version, here very delicately rendered. So this pleasant acoustic collection dooby-doos along very nicely, only once becoming a nuisance to the ears during a flighty number involving a hefty dose of trilling flute.

Don't expect the songs to be particularly distinctive from one other (probably not helped by an inability to understand more than rudimentary level French), and you can really have no complaints about this pretty album. Delightful and lightweight, fairly fruity, and leaves you in a bit of a blur - bring on the Beaujolais!