Oneida - Oneida- Happy New Year- Free Tracks

Bill Cummings 16/08/2006

Oneida, one of the founders of the Brooklyn Loft Scene which gave birth to amongst others the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Liars release their 8th and, quite possibly, their "best" album to date Happy New Year through Rough Trade on September 4th.

A bit like The Beta Band only more experimental we have a selection of tracks taken from the album for your pleasure.

Windows Media Player:

08 - Reckoning_Hi.wmv

08 - Reckoning_Lo.wmv

Up With The People:
Windows Media Player:

04 - Up With People_Hi.wmv

04 - Up With People_Lo.wmv

The Misfit:
Windows Media Player:

10 - The Misfit_Hi.wmv

10 - The Misfit_Lo.wmv

History's Great Navigators:

Windows Media Player:

06 - History's Great Navigators_Hi.wmv

06 - History's Great Navigators_Lo.wmv

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