Matt Costa - Sunshine

Mike Caulfield 14/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

Living in Manchester all my life I have grown to accept the weather situation without question, I know full well that it will rain for eleven months of the year, and also that I shouldn't leave the house without at least three layers of clothing on, just in case.

Also I don't think it's a coincidence that Manchester has produced morose geniuses Ian Curtis and Steven Patrick Morrissey, whose introspection and insight might not have been produced without spending countless hours alone indoors, stewing in their misery. Just a theory.

So had the weather and location been different for the pair, would it have made a difference? Had Matt Costa or Jack Johnson been born in Manchester would they still be able to write such shiny happy tunes?

'Sunshine' has an unwavering, infectious optimism coursing through it that pours from the speakers, with a stripped down twin acoustic guitars attack and plenty of vocal sha-na-nah's and ooh's, that will leave you smiling into submission.

It's enough to make you want to visit the nearest all-night garage, buy one of those disposable barbeques, some sausages and sit around it till dawn, trying to avoid the attention of the group of youths hanging around.

Had this single been released three months earlier it would have been the soundtrack to many afternoon drinking sessions, it being November however the single doesn't quite ignite the same enthusiasm as it could potentially have done, but a nice enough tune nonetheless.