Shard - In Perfection

Bill Cummings 21/09/2004

Rating: 3/5

Shard hail from Hertfordshire and consist of five members: Lawrence mainly deals in the glam ridden vocals and guitars, Haz produces delicate vocals and swathes of electronic keyboards and guitars, Jon is on drums, John is on guitar and vocals and Charlie is on bass and also some vocals.

"In Perfection" is the realisation of music gigging and honing of their uniquely sweet electro glam/pop style. Highlights include the gorgeous dynamics of 'Buttercup Baby' sounding not unlike a lo-fi glam pop version of the Barbs recent singles, its brilliant chorus is augmented by the duel vocal talents of Charlie and Larry. 'Until', meanwhile, is a beautifully melancholic ballad using Jon's delicate and withering vocal to the fullest.

Elsewhere, 'Twisty Kiss' is brill coming on like a more delectable and sparkly vision of Placebo- all burning guitar riffs and sleazy vocals- and 'Le Petite Morte' is a gorgeous electro pop drenched dance floor filler. 'The Underman' resembles T Rex swallowing King Adora in a blaze of lyrical clichés, for example " the man is so cool he's close to freezing!".

Unfortunately, the record does sag a little in the second half as it suffers from a lack of musically clarity when allied to their glam bubble pop lyrics. However ending tracks "Terminal' (with its angst ridden shapes) and 'Love Circles' (with its mood riding soundscapes) end the record on a high note. A really good glam indie record, from a band still learning their craft, there is a naivety and sweetness in these delicious ditties that really wins through, plus well it's the perfect disc for a Friday night glam fest…