Sneaky Sound System - Sneak Preview: Mixes and Remixes

Sel Bulut 15/12/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

Let's not beat around the bush - Sneaky Sound System are crap. 'Sneak Preview: Mixes & Remixes', their forthcoming iTunes release, is crap. UFO is crap. I Just Don't Want To Be Loved is crap. You're Hot is crap. They're crap, and one of the things contributing to the bad name dance music so frequently suffers.

Run of the mill beats, rises, drops and breakdowns, uninspired grooves and irritating MCing make it nothing more than the usual fodder for crap student union nights disguised as something a bit more respectable. All of this would be inoffensive enough, but the sad thing is that backing the four original productions are remixes from a variety of usually very good producers. Whilst Bag Raiders, Breakbot and Van She have all turned out some excellent tracks and remixes in their time, attempting to rework the idiotic original productions of Sneaky Sound System seems like a worthless effort, and a waste of good talent.

Whilst most of the best dance acts and DJs right now seem to be coming from down under - Cut Copy, Knightlife, K.I.M., Midnight Juggernauts, The Bang Gang and the majority of the Modular Records roster to name a few - Sneaky Sound System are a wankstain on the trouser of Australia's otherwise excellent crop of producers.