Muse - Starlight

Tim Miller 01/09/2006

Rating: 3/5

Without doubt, 2006 is at last the year Muse have truly crossed into the mainstream mindset while retaining absolutely everything that makes them so many people's favourite band ever. This single, while wholly unrepresentative of Muse's career to date, is a clever choice to confirm to their newest fans, the ones who might have only just lost their Muse virginity, that their pop appeal is not a gimmick.

If it weren't for the squelchy, filtered bass of Chris Wolstenholme that grabs this track by the scruff of the neck from the off, you could be forgiven for thinking that the rather rock-lite piano riff means you're listening to Keane. Luckily, Matt Bellamy's soaring vocals and Star Trekking lyrics are enough to save any song. Luckily, the chorus has plunging guitars and glacial arpeggios, with a nod to one of Origin Of Symmetry's best moments, Bliss. Luckily, this will probably be the hit at their live shows; no one can resist Bellamy belting out “All our hopes and expectations/Black Holes and Revelations”.

Because really, in the context of their galaxy of super hits, this is Muse ticking all the boxes they already tick anyway, and little more. The simplicity of this piano hook reminds the listener (well me, in any case) how much more Matt Bellamy is capable of. The twinkling verses only bring longings for the furious, crashing supernovas like Plug In Baby, Sunburn or Stockholm Syndrome. Starlight might well turn out be the live experience of the year, but as a single it's lacking the space dementia that showcases Muse at their brilliant best.

Released 4th September

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