The Domino Cut - Dance

Charlie Southwell 09/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

The Domino Cut are a four piece funky blues band, with slapped bass and riffs that stick in your head. Despite the demo sounding a little rough, for such a young band, in both terms of time together and age, they are talented and the songs don't suffer. Their sound encompasses a musical understanding close to Audioslave at points, although settling the groove down with the strength to make one want to dance a la James Brown, whilst retaining a danceable 50s rock-n-roll feel to their songs. Vocals are snarly and raw, but I quite like it. There is a certain charm to this band that make me want to boogie right on. Their debut release here is rightly called Dance, and despite the dubious feeling I got when I read it, it did live true to the self-imposed title.

The Domino Cut need to get themselves out into the gigging market place to have a chance of progressing further. Hard work and constant gigging would do this lot a huge amount of good, in terms of fans, and developing their sound. I look forward to seeing them gig sometime around my area, until then, ill have to make do with the CD.