She, Sir - Who Can't Say Yes EP

Emily Tartanella 11/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

Well, while we were out cultivating a wicked sunburn and making jokes about Brandon Flowers' facial hair (hello, Village People), M. Grusha and Russell Karloff went about crafting an EP guaranteed to usher us into autumnal melancholy. Thanks, boys. But this is a monumentally day dreamy work, one that while not reinventing the shoegaze genre, reminds us just why we fell in love with My Bloody Valentine in the first place. It's the sound of disorders and phobias and insecurities being overcome - Sigur Ros only wish they sounded this euphoric, this gorgeously hopeful.

The highlights arrive in the floating, lighter-than-air 'Monarch', the poppy 'I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes' (best song title ever - fact) and the pulsating, rocky 'Lieutenant'. True, the lyrics are an after-thought, and are at best indiscernible, but the raw beauty of this EP is enough to redeem that oversight. Who couldn't say yes to a debut this promising?

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