Editors, Cold Cave

Emma Murphy 21/03/2010

Let me first set the scene it was 2005, I was witnessing Franz Ferdinand at their height play Cardiff International Arena and The Editors are the support band, totally blown away by The Editors uncanny resemblance of Joy Division yet putting their own spin on things, I leave a definite Editors fan. I go on to purchase their 2005 album 'The Back Room', enjoy their songs for many months to come, purchase 'An End Has a Start' in 2007, I'm gravely disappointed by the album then lose all interest in The Editors who then went onto to release 'In This Light And On This Evening'.

I'm surprised then to find myself at a packed to the rafters Editors gig five years on, the band deliver on their hits, with catchy guitar riffs such like 'Lights', 'Sparks, and 'Blood' lead singer Tom Smith has passion for music running through his veins but then comes the anti-climax, sitting at the piano, resembling an over emotional Chris Martin and songs such 'You Don't Know Love' really fail to grab my attention. With what could be deemed to be a very generic sounding gig then flip- sides with an electronic sound, flashing lights and an eerie atmosphere courtesy of their backing set, whilst playing 'Papillion' I somewhat expect Dave Gahan to appear alongside the band and break into 'People Are People', guitars are now replaced with synths and again The Editors fail to sit comfortably with a particular sound. I'm all up for bands taking a jump forward but I think The Editors are more grasping at straws and this is a bad change of direction for the band.

I think it speaks well of them that The Editors still manage to pack venues five years since they began, however on a personal level I think they are gravely in danger of being a act that in yet another five years time people will have lost all interest in. The Editors have failed to deliver a promising album since The Back Room, granted any band that resembles Joy Division have my thumbs up but Tom and Co need to decide whether they are trying to recreate Gary Numan's sound or whether want to be an over emotional Chris Martin band. Editors are a totally talented bunch of guys with a lead singer whose voice alone can carry them onto greater things, but as it stands in a completely flooded music scene full of those stealing the electronic sound of the 80s, for every Editors there are a thousand other similar sounding bands and The Editors are in danger of being lost in a saturated market.