UH OHs - cash –rich, imagination-poor

Richard Wink 22/11/2009

Rating: 4/5

According to their MySpace page the Uh OHs have split….. two months ago, which is a shame since this single has only just arrived through my door. I'm asking myself right now if there is even any point in reviewing this single, I mean who's going to benefit?

There is a point, and it will bemoan the loss of another band that possessed 'potential'. I have no idea why the band have fragmented, it could be Geographic reasons (touring seems hard for most Norwich based bands), personal differences or something else altogether, but regardless of the reasons for their break-up it seems disappointing to report that this is a good single, not a breakthrough one, but one that suggest the UH OHs had something, a certain charm. Think Alice Glass fronting Beggars Banquet-era Biffy Clyro; a sharp, abrasive mix of rock rubbing against the meaty thighs of Pop.

Therefore one must conclude that the UH OHs demise is a shame, this single seems to be an indicator that the UH OHs were getting close to the glass ceiling but unfortunately they didn't have any more stones to throw.