The Horrors - Count in Fives

Dan Round 26/01/2007

Rating: 1/5

Lets hope we don't have to count to five before these cretins are gone. Count In Fives is another nasty, clichéd slice of “retro-goth” meets Sham 69 from The Horrors, with expected shock-rock lyrics and a simply horrid synth counter-melody.

The Horrors are undoubtedly an important band amongst their NME peers - most of whom have dismantled the post-Libertines market with branded, casual indie-punk. And, of course, not sounding like The View et al makes them stand out. But, to put it frankly, the music just isn't any good, and this release really does scrape the barrels. Surely the honeymoon period of Sheena Is A Parasite is over?

Please, Mr Rotter, distance yourself and your cronies from music completely before anything else embarrassing happens. Utter drivel at best.