Kid Adrift - A4 In Ecstasy

Rachel Miele 08/12/2010

Rating: 4/5

Currently mixing their debut album with a helping hand from none other than The Roots and The Chemical Brothers, it is plain to see from current single A4 In Ecstasy why such well respected artists are clamouring to get involved with Kid Adrift. Kid Adrift, or Iain Campbell as he's known to his Mum, has to be one of the tastiest names in music you can say you've heard of at the moment.

The Scottish born act, already championed by fellow scot Vic Galloway and Radio 1 has come up smelling of thistles with this one - if thistles smelt like a sweat and brilliant song. Pulling you in from the first drum strike it doesn't let go until its 3.54 minutes are over. You can almost feel the adrenaline of the fight that features in its accompanying video whether you watch while you listen or not.

With all the best bits of Nine Inch Nails, Muse and Miike Snow, the Kid does not disappoint. However, it is important to not get caught up with comparisons - there is no way the song isn't original. I could listen again and again, and can only imagine how immense A4 would be live; the cleverly intense sound created on this record could only be enhanced in live performance.

Without drowning the song in effects, dis-chords and Kasabian style whooshes, he somehow gets the balance right between memorable hooks and despairing lyrics. A clever feat from the boy who started off with a cheap microphone making tunes in his bedroom...

A4 in Ecstasy is OUT NOW and available for download from iTunes.