The Cure - Freakshow

Neil Watts 26/06/2008

Rating: 2/5

The Cure have turned into a band that refuses to make any more “real” videos because of the apathetic reaction to their most recent attempts from music channels. So, taking the decision to release a single from their thirteenth studio album on the thirteenth of every month seems like a bizarre and misplaced gimmick. 'Freakshow' seems like a case of unlucky thirteen.

Also it feels particularly strange to be listening to their music without the backdrop of the silver screen as it seems to have been the norm over their career. The song sounds overly discordant and awkward to the point of being clumsy. Its all-over-the-shop nature is grating and raises doubts about the overall quality of Mix 13.

The only kind thing to be said for Freakshow is that it ends suddenly putting the listener and band alike out of their misery. It feels wrong to question Robert Smith, but this doesn't really leave any other options.