Luke Hirst - Rock n Roll Begins At Home

Owain Paciuszko 21/05/2009

Rating: 3/5

Hirst has a rather impressive roster of achievements against his name, especially as frontman of rock band DND, and playing the majority of instruments on this 5-track EP he is clearly a particularly talented individual. But, there's something lost in the mix here.

Opening track Wonderboy Song casts my mind back to many happy hours dropping coins into the arcade machine at Carn Brea leisure centre, and the track itself is a sweet doe-eyed 60s-influenced pop song that actually reminds me of late-90s nearly-theres Snug, they share a Brian Wilson influence and a knack for a few interesting ideas here and there. World Outside Your Door has an equally strident pop beat, but it kind of wavers into McFly territory and Hirst's voice seems to wobble in places in a fashion that feels awkward rather than quirky. Though he scores points for the inclusion of a kazoo.

Track three is Lost Without You and in true High Fidelity mix-tape style it 'takes it down a notch'. It's another 60s influenced number, this time a ballad, but it also takes in a bit of the Weezer love song; and for one chap Hirst does an impressive job of nestling close to Rivers Cuomo and co. However here he lacks the real ear for a memorable tune or a smart-slacker lyric that the aforementioned possessed. Things stay slow with Evaline which has more of a Ben Folds Five flavour, and though Hirst can handle the keys with skill, and there's some good arrangment of the backing vocals there's little to really impress here. Unsurprisingly Doo Wop Sonata #2 has the most blatant rock 'n' roll influence, though it also reminds of Weezer's O Girlfriend.

Hirst is undoubtedly a very talented musician and he knows how to put together an interesting composition, but for those familiar with his influences it's not enough to warrant initial excitement, but Hirst is an artist who - hopefully - will evolve and impress. But right now, he's allright.