Hellset Orchestra - My Boy,The Battledroid

Matt Harrold 08/12/2006

Rating: 1/5

Waaaargh! With a band named Hellset Orchestra and a song title 'My Boy,The Battledroid' you just know that they're going to rock! Right? Um maybe not, five seconds into the promo and you'll probably be convinced otherwise. Thirty seconds after that and you'll know for sure that they probably are the worst band you'll come across all year, and yes that includes the Automatic. Ever wondered what ever happened too Dick Valentine of Electric Six? Seems he's been giving vocal tips to the Hellset Orchestra, only they haven't got a "Danger! High Voltage" to back it up with. Instead what comes out of the speakers is the poor man's Flaming Lips with all those wonderful bleeps and bops taken out to be replaced by Cellos and violins. Avoid at all costs.