Aspen Grove - Dancin' Alone Again

Craig Broad 30/01/2009

Rating: 3/5

Aspen Grove, a band from Liverpool who eagerly to want to retread the same footsteps as The Rascals, The Zutons and The Coral with their debut EP 'Dancin' Alone Again'.

'Dancin' Alone Again' features 4 infectious indie songs that pull you in with every sing-a-long chorus and keep you tapping your foot through the whole length of the EP. While you can imagine this band fitting in nicely within the pages of NME and the screens of MTV2, it's very difficult to see where Aspen Grove can actually go from here.

'Dancin' Alone Again' is well written, recorded and produced, but yet it holds very little personality of its own and even though they could potentially gain an underground following from this release, it seems highly unlikely that Aspen Grove will ever reach the dizzying heights of their future counterparts on the front cover of NME.