The Ladybug Transistor - I Can't Wait Another Day

Will Metcalfe 14/12/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

'I Can't Wait Another Day' is the sixth studio album from The Ladybug Transistor and is the sound of a band comfortable within their own skin. Being part of the arguably defunct Elephant 6 collective the band have retained the naivety of the collective's sixties pop stylings emerging perhaps as the American peers to a host of Scottish indie pop acts; most notably Belle & Sebastian.

I should probably be a little more specific in stating this, so here we go then; the Ladybug Transistor sound like Stuart Murdoch with the Shadows as his backing band. Whilst this might sound a loathsome suggestion to most of you chuck in a twist of Northern Soul. Opener 'Always on the Telephone' has the nasal guitar work of Hank Marvin paired, dare I say it, beautifully with lush orchestration that would make latter-day Camera Obscura seem tactless.

Whilst 'I Can't Wait Another Day' may not be a ground breaking album the kind of innocent pop purveyed by the Ladybug Transistor could melt what's left of the polar ice caps. Using a well trod path they manage to pool nostalgia with contemporary wit and introspection. Essentially, rather than just copy endless pop icons they have re-branded it with a more enduring edge. Take 'In Between' for example, the bass line has GOT to be stolen from Dandy Warhols' 'You were the last high' yet the zipped up and stripped down interpretation gives off a different vibe entirely. Granted, the melancholy tune remains but again it is elevated; escalated even, by the string section.

Album highlight 'I'm Not Mad Enough' comes in early but if you're unprepared it could well blow you away, or at least knock you over and bruise your spine. Indie pop + motown = melodrama; with soaring vocals and a rich sonic landscape it's without doubt a nomination for track of the year; shame not many folks will hear it then.

Whilst this album might sound too sweet for many to bear, if you invest enough time and look past the saccharine tainting you will find an album of elegant pop music waiting to be loved. True, if you're a fan of profanities and power riffs you ain't gonna get your kicks here, but if you prefer your music simple, easy to listen to and instantly recognisable, these are the kids.