Classico Latino - Serenata

Owain Paciuszko 20/05/2009

Rating: 3/5

Here's something a little different for your ears than the usual crop of music that drops through my letterbox. An album of classical music with a Latin flavour performed quite beautifully by this three-piece consisting of violin, cello and piano. The eleven tracks across the record are generally buoyant, bright and flighty, played with incredible skill and audible passion by the three musicians. They are arrangments and interpretations of the serenades and songs of the Fiesta, and that lively festival atmosphere is palpable on this recording.

The slower numbers such as Te Quiero, Dijiste (translation; I Love You, You Said) are suitably romantic in that epic swoonsome way usually associated with Hollywood classics.

From what I can gather this CD release appears to be the culmination of a relationship lasting over ten years, seeing the threesome (who began as a twosome) packing concert halls across the world and, as their website puts it, creating music 'for all people'. Obviously though classical and Latin American individually aren't to all tastes, and combined maybe less so, but if you do have an interest in either genre or just a curious and diverse musical ear then these arrangments are rich, lively and fun though probably won't sway those of the adverse disposition.