The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Young Sinclairs, Spirit Vine, The Myrrors, The Sounds of Kaleidoscope - Open Your Mind: Pysch compilation

Chris Dunn 15/03/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Whilst the Northern Star series, Psychedelica, has led the way in charting the so called “Third Wave” of Psychedelia, another compilation exploring similar waters has also reached it's third instalment.

Open Your Mind, from the independent label Psilocybin Sounds, has slipped out quietly, as with it's two predecessors, but demands a listen for anyone interested in that same scene or with a natural curiosity for something new from the musical underground. As you'd expect there's a cross section of sounds and styles delivered across the 17 tracks. Up, down or flat out in a haze of contemplation, there's enough in here to suit whatever mood you bring to it. For fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre it also features a track yet to appear on any of their official releases. Kudos to the album for that.

In truth some of the contributions are more memorable than others, a matter of personal taste no doubt but also a matter of originality. Whether it's a vocal that strikes you deep, a sharp guitar solo burned into your brain or just a different approach to the template, some just have it and some are still finding their way there.

Of those tracks that have it, the standout pop hit comes from The Young Sinclairs with Up Against The Wall . Reminiscent of The Zombies and serving up a hit of sunshine, it's an acoustic jangle that floats from start to finish.

A personal favourite was Spirit Vine's 1122. Sexy, dirty and free and easy. Full on Grace Slick vocal and acid drenched guitar, one of those songs that sounds like the whole band jumped into an echo chamber and hit record, gives you an instant feeling of space in your mind.

It wouldn't be a Psychedelic compilation without something a little bit weird on there. Check out The Myrrors for that. Cross Ambler Antlers sounds like it's being held down against it's will, snapping between attacks of stunning noise and unstable tribal drum led passages before almost collapsing with exhaustion into a delirious waltz. If Electric Shock Therapy had a soundtrack this would be it.

Final mention has to go to The Sounds of Kaleidoscope. On Cicada Song they have the whole explosion of feedback and drone thing in the palm of their collective hand and the effect is spellbinding. Sounds like it's been plucked straight out the sky, made with beautiful intent and delivered with equal promise. The grower of the whole compilation.

Open Your Mind makes a welcome addition to the Psilocybin Sounds collection and contains some real highlights from across the world in the constantly evolving Psychedelic scene. One to add to your collection and, like all good independent compilations, shines a light on many of these bands who might have otherwise slipped through the net.