Karn8 - Rotton DVD

Matt Harrold 28/11/2006

Rating: 4/5

The first thing you'll notice with Karn8 is the gorgeous Kirst, gothic cabaret version of Alison Goldfrapp and soon-to-be pin-up to thousands of teenagers across the country. Yet they share more than just the sexual tension found in Goldfrapp's music, managing to filter the same dance-pop hooks via the likes of Marilyn Manson and Queen Adreena. 'Rotten' goes down on you like the promises of illicit sex down the back streets after kicking out time at the local club. In short it's the sort of sleaze dear old mum and dad warned you about, with Kirst's velvet vocals purring over a thumping rhythm section coupled with grinding guitars and dark, dark synths.

The video itself is a pretty good example of how to do things on a shoe string budget without making it boring. Consisting of shots of the band playing their arses off in some deep, dank room interlaced with Kirst lying under a pile of earth in a bath tub, it uses sheer kinetics and the band's charisma to keep things from getting dull. Hey, it may not have the production values of say...Michael Jackson's Scream (the single most expensive video ever produced at $7,000,000) but it does let the song speak for itself