Laura Critchley - Sometimes I

Matt Churchill 09/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

Laura Critchley is a Liverpudlian singer songwriter with new ideas on an all-too saturated market. Brimming with confidence, Laura is set to release her new album 'Sometimes I' a week after her latest single 'What Do We Do'.

The album opens with 'Today's Another Day', a song penned about every day trials and tribulations - no matter what the world throws at you, crack on day and live your life; an upbeat piece of pop that anyone who's woken up freezing cold with the prospect of a tough day will appreciate., 'What Do We Do', Laura's latest single, is anthemic without being cheesey; a formula for success.

As the album progresses, it is obvious that these songs work well together and that Laura has a definite sound. 'Shoulder To Lean On' and the tremendous 'I'll Be Ok' are piano led with the former being an upbeat swung number, with the latter a strong ballad. The album's title track is a summer-sunshine moment of pure pop artistry and this, alongside the uber-cool 'Tell Me' make a strong central pivot around which the final few tracks gain momentum.

'Girl Next Door' and 'Incredible' sit alongside each other in arguably the best moment of the record. Both tracks border on soft American rock and are sure to be in the running when Laura's next single is due to be chosen.

The album is brought to a close by 'Lullaby', a final ballad that showcases Laura's honey-sweet vocal talents and ear for a melody. A strong debut album, this will suit fans of intelligent pop who aren't scared of a bit a sunshine in their lives.